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FOX News
Apr 25, 2010 7:00am EDT
grader? well, it would and that's what's happening in the state of virginia, required by law. they have to put together a gun safety curriculum for public elementary schools and that is incorporates guidelines from the n.r.a. themselves. >> i can imagine that some parents are not too keen on, although some parents might really like the idea, but some parents, i'm sure are up in arms. >> get it? >> about it. >> that was a good one. >> some are arguing-- >> you stole that from the prompter here. >> some are saying we've seen an increase in violence in the schools and better to have kids equipped for this and protection, others say it's ridiculous, having kids learn about guns in the system. and that adds to the problem having the kids learn about this at an early age. >> they have mcgruff and-- >> they're clear ap the n.r.a., they haven't come up with the curriculum and eddie the eagle, on the web, they teach if you see a gun, stop, don't touch, leave the area, tell an adult. these are in fact good things for your children to learn, so it's not necessarily here is a gun, here is how to sh
FOX News
Apr 11, 2010 7:00am EDT
this morning, a team of federal investigators are set to arrive in west virginia, president obama is promising a thorough investigation into the west virginia mine explosion and the cause must be determined so future accidents must be prevented. funerals and vigils for the 29 victims, the explosion at the upper big branch mine was the worst mining disaster sips since 1970. >> a bomb blast killing five and 15 others wounded. they were part of a team trying to clear mines as karzai threatened to delay or cancel n.a.t.o.'s planned summer offensive in the kandahar province. and more than 10,000 american rooms pour into the region to fight the taliban. karzai is casting doubt over the operation after being confronted by the operatielders it would bring strive to the region. >> the navy says pirates began shooting at the u.s.s. ashland which returned fire destroying the pirate's boat that you see here. it's the third u.s. navy encounter with pirates in the past ten days. former white house political advisor once again the target of protesters from the anti-war group, code pink. remember two weeks ag
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2